Thallenius Durion

Robed in a cloak as dark as night, with a cowl pulled over his head, nothing much is seen of this curious man.


STR- 11
DEX- 17
CON- 10
INT- 14
WIS- 11
CHA- 9

HP- 5
AC- 7

Spells- Invisibilty, Web, and Sleep


Thallenius Durion grew up in a small yet influnetial tribe of wood elves. His father was an expert artisan and created fine bows and arrows for the tribe. His mother was a very secretive woman that often spent her time studying tomes of magic endlessly. Secret to all in the tribe she was a part of The Order of Midnight, an elvish guild that was thought to be lost with the Orcish wars of old. Her involvement in this guild would bring the end of her. While studying a natural magic, she delved deep into tomes of the elves of old and practiced magic never used in the new age of elves, and summoned a fey spirit that reprimanded her for her use of ancient magics, taking away her own fey spirit, into the fey plane. With the death of such an influential member of the order, Thallenius was selected for a secret apprenticeship, and eventual induction into the Order of Midnight, a guild dedicated to finesse, magic, and the balance and keeping of nature in the world. After completing his appreticeship and induction, he is sent on his first task, to take a pilgrimage throughout the lands, presevring nature at all costs, not to stop until he is visited by the fey spirit of his mother and accepted into the fey realm as a guardian of nature.

His most prized possesion is his cat, Jester, who he believes can sense the aura of good and evil in all sentient beings.

Thalenius died a horrible, screaming death.

Thallenius Durion

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