Swords of the Savage Frontier

What's Ailin Galen
Orc Idol

Our heroes marched into the lone lands looking for fortune and adventure. They stopped for the night in a small village named Galen. While dining at the local boarding house, they learned of recent orc troubles. Well-led raids, lighning attacks, kidnappings and sheep-molestings. Seeing a call for heroics, or maybe just lured by the rumor of treasure in the hills, the heroes vowed to strike out into the hills the very next morning to seek and destroy the Ork tribe.
A handful of local men-at-arms offered to join them, for modest pay, and an accord was struck.

After a short march the next morning, they came upon the valley that housed the cave the orcs were rumored to be in. After smartly disarming the Orc intrusion alarms, they set upon a confused pair of Orc sentries, before the warning gong could be sounded.

Over the next three days, our heroes managed to systematicallyhunt down and eliminate not only 44 orcs, but also their ogre ally. With the cimatic battle coming in the shadow of a 15-foot-tall statue of Surtur.

A keen eye noticed that the statue was more than it seemed, and a hidden panel was found. The statue was hollow! Inside was a ladder down and a small chamber, inhabited by a very frazzled wizard who had founf himself teleported there by way of a cursed scroll.
As they freed him, they noticed a secret door, leading to another level. The orc threat has been eliminated, but what lies hidden beneath their lair?


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