The Howling Woods, to the West, hold a great treasure hidden within. That’s why you see so many pilgrims goin’ there.

The Chaos Caves in the North are full of treasure, and Orcs

I heard there’s an Ogre that walks the roads East of Maillev keep. Some say he’ll do mercenary work if you pay him enough.

In the northern reaches of the Howling Wood, a spider brood queen dwells with her twisted kin. She is said to guard an entrance to the Underdark. Its rumored she is a minion of the Demon Queen herself. Ettercaps are known to haunt those woods as well.

Some say the monastary of Heimdallian priests keeps watch over the Spiders – keeping them in check.

A lost dwarven hold in the Mulrath Mountains has been infested with all manner of creatures for decades. It is rumored that a Duergar warlord has set himself up in the lowest levels of the hall and has started to bring the former inhabitants of the hold under his power.

A trader that frequents Maaliv Keep and Galen might be more than he seems. It is rumored that he travels to the Underdark and trades with Dark Elves, Duergar and even the Morlocks.

The regular cheese delivery from Renneton has not arrived. Will they be cancelling their annual cheese festival?


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